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Reconnecting You with Your Nature & Rhythms

A Comprehensive & Personalized Approach

Recognizing all aspects of you as a whole by addressing the interplay of factors including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental elements that encompass your health

Welcome, I'm Dr. Andrea Doubilet & I'm glad you are here!

I would like to acknowledge your courage and curiosity for exploring your options for achieving better health. My approach as a facilitator of healing is gentle and honest with the goal of empowering you to realize your own healing potential. I begin by listening to your story and honouring the wisdom and growth you have gained in your life. As we step together on this leg of your health journey, I will help you to cultivate realistic health goals and intentions for creating a wholesome and sustainable life. On this path, we will identify the habitual patterns and obstacles that limit your potential to move forward. With a trained eye, I will connect the dots and formulate an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan that utilizes the most effective yet least invasive healing modalities. My strengths as a practitioner lay in my position as a space holder and creating an expansive, judgement-free atmosphere that allows for your spirit to be seen, heard, and nurtured. My passion for health and nature are what directed me down the path of becoming a naturopathic doctor and I seek to inspire you to integrate nature as an element in your healing journey. If my approach resonates, I would love to meet and discuss all the aspects of what makes you you.
Jess McShane Photography - 20-10 - Doubi
Image by Annie Spratt

Special Areas of Interest

Digestive Health

That 'gut' feeling is a beautiful demonstration of how intrinsically connected our body systems are. I examine your digestive health not only from knowing which foods you eat and how they make you feel, but also by exploring other systems such as your hormone states, your stress perceptions, and even genetics to obtain a clear picture of what is truly at the root of your concerns.

Mental Wellbeing

I am here for you and you are not alone. Many of us are struggling in this day and age to cope in our world and within our own bodies. Understanding that mood is complex, I work to help you to restore the functioning of your mind by getting to the root cause and considering a multitude of factors such as your microbiome, hormones, nutrients, genetics, environment, and more.   

Hormone Balancing

Our hormones are an integral part of our physiology that govern nearly all of our body functions. When our hormones are thrown off, we ourselves feel something is 'off' and this can show up in many forms. With a thorough health history and specialized laboratory testing, we can get to the bottom of your hormonal dysfunction and help you to feel more balanced and optimized.

Naturopathic Treatments


An ancient branch of medicine that aims to restore harmony among body systems and utilizes acupuncture, herbs, cupping, diet & lifestyle treatments that are based on an eastern diagnostic paradigm

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Herbs

Treatment with plant medicines is a way to connect with nature. Plants are used as a powerful healing modality and their origins are the base of many modern pharmaceuticals 

Herbal Medicine

Fresh Produce

'Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food'

                            - Hippocrates

Customized diet plans specific to your needs & nutritional supplementation as a basis for good health 

Food & Nutrition

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Remedies based on the principle of 'like cures like', homeopathy uses highly dilute natural substances that stimulate the bodies natural healing response and are prescribed based on your unique characteristics 



Gentle soft tissue therapy that consists of a sequence of precise movements to shift your body into a mode of relaxation that allows for healing of emotional stress, chronic pain, and general dysfunction


Bowen Therapy

Image by Toa Heftiba

Holding a safe & judgement-free space for you to allow the processing of difficult emotions and working with mindfulness exercises to become in touch with body sensations and perceptions



Jess McShane Photography - 20-10 - Doubi

Let's take this next step together

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